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NOW ONLINE...  Contact information for DFGC Officers and Committee Chairs for 2021-2023. Updates to other pages in the MEMBERS area of this website will be ongoing through May. 

If you need information that has not yet been updated, please use the contact information posted on our website for the appropriate officer or committee chair to contact them directly.


THE 2021 CAR-SGC CONFERENCE at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, hosted by The Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania, has been postponed until November 1-4, 2022.

Incoming NGC President Mary Warshauer recent announced that PLANT AMERICA - PLAY OUTDOORS will be the NGC theme for 2021-2023.

DFGC AWARDS for the 2019 calendar year are now posted to this website. (Announced September 2020) AWARDS




PASSWORD  CHANGE FOR NGC WEBSITE: The redesigned GardenClub.org website does not have a member only section, so no password is necessary.

PASSWORD CHANGE JULY 1, 2020 -- DFGC website

in case you missed this info lower on the page (posted June 5)... New information for the MEMBER area of the website:

Password: DFGC-3210  (last four digits are all numbers)


Effective July 1, the password on our website for information used by members to conduct garden club business will change to DFGC-3210. It will also be necessary to enter member as the user name. (The same user name that is used on the NGC website.) An update to the password to the member area of the DFGC website is long overdue and the majority of content on this website remains completely accessible to members and the public.


It is highly recommended that club presidents notify members about this upcoming change, especially the club's yearbook chair and website chair. (As a yearbook chair for 13 years, I have found that publishing the CAR-SGC and State website user names and passwords on the last page of the yearbook makes it available to all members all the time.)

GREAT NEWS from the Delaware Judges Council 

Photos of floral designs submitted by Connie Raymond, Marty Rushlow, Alice Witterholt, Dottie Howatt and Joy Ericson have been accepted for National Garden Club's 2021 Vision of Beauty Calendar. This is the first time Delaware has had five members selected in one year. Jeffrey Batt photographed the designs.


Click here to order your 2021 Vision of Beauty Calendar as soon as it becomes available on the NGC website. Last year's calendar sold out quickly!


Congratulations to the Delaware Judges Council members whose designs will be featured in the calendar!

DELAWARE STUDENT wins 2020 NGC Essay Contest for High School Students.
You MUST read this informative essay and see this student's impressive resume!  The Detriments of Bottled Water by Isabel Hwang, 11th Grade Student from Middletown, Delaware.