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DFGC Announcements 

DFGC LIFE MEMBERSHIPS UPDATED 6/29/2024 -- If you're a recent Life Member, look for your name, club and year on the LIFE MEMBERSHIP link under the JOIN link in the menu. 6/27/2024


ANNUAL CAR-SGC CONFERENCE DETAILS: October 22 and 23, 2024 in Basking Ridge New Jersey. Visit for everything you need or want to know about the programs, presenters, hotel...


Contact information for DFGC Officers and Committee Chairs for 2023-2025.

Updates to other pages in the MEMBERS area of this website will be ongoing.

If you need information that has not yet been updated, please use the contact information posted on our website for the appropriate officer or committee chair to contact them directly.

NGC has asked for a continued count of both native and other trees planted in each state again next year. Please continue your count of club or member planted trees.


Check out this helpful presentation to help clubs prepare and submit awards.



The password on our website for information used by members to conduct garden club business is DFGC-3210 (the last four digits are all numbers).  It is also necessary to enter member as the username. Most of the content on this website remains completely accessible to members and the public.

EFFECTIVE AUGUST 15, 2023 CHANGE FOR MEMBERS AREA OF CAR-SGC WEBSITE:  2325@CARegion. This change was made for security purposes.

PASSWORD  CHANGE FOR NGC WEBSITE: The redesigned website does not have a member only section, so no password is necessary.

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