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Sunrise - Copyright Ken Arni

Welcome, DFGC members! 


This area of the website provides access to information that may be useful for conducting garden club business.

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Please do not share the password with non-members because this section of the website
includes personal contact information for some DFGC members.

Newest Announcements

  • Updates to the MEMBERS area of this website will be ongoing through May 2021.

  • The 2021 CAR-SGC Conference at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, hosted by the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania, has been postponed again until 2022 due to Covid 19.

  • Contact information for the 2021-2023 CAR-SGC Director and Alternate Director are available now in the MEMBERS area of the CAR-SGC website. Other updates will take place throughout the month of June as information is received from the new officers and committee chairs.