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Delaware Garden Clubs work tirelessly to support and promote the objectives of Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs, including the objectives of Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs and National Garden Clubs, Inc. Long established clubs and new garden clubs alike reach into our communities to create a more beautiful tomorrow. While we do it for the satisfaction of improving our little corner of the world (and we do enjoy the camaraderie of working together with other members, it's always nice to be recognized for our efforts and accomplishments.

All Delaware garden clubs have the opportunity to earn recognition through awards offered by Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs, Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs, Inc. and National Garden Clubs, Inc. Visit Delaware Garden Clubs.org/DFGC-Awards to see the most recent NGC and DFGC award winners.

Your Five-Step Guide to Garden Club Awards:

  1. AWARDS CHAIR - Appoint an Awards Chair within your club to oversee the Awards process on behalf of your club. This Awards Chair will help other committee chairs within your club to identify awards that match the activities of their committees; work together with committee chairs to answer questions on the award applications; complete the appropriate award applications; submit applications to the DFGC Awards Chair prior to the award application deadline.

  2. AWARDS RULES - Consult the NGC and CAR-SGC websites to learn about their award opportunities . Visit the Forms page on this website for DFGC Award information and application form

  3. JUDGING CRITERIA - Pay careful attention to the Judging Criteria as you prepare your application. Emphasize the high-point judging criteria, but don't overlook the low-point criteria.

  4. APPLICATION - Submit Awards applications for your garden club to the Delaware Awards Chair prior to the DFGC deadline specified on the DFGC Awards Schedule on the DFGC Forms/Templates page of this website: Maureen Eisenhart, 36478 Wild Rose Circle, Selbyville, DE 19975. Two formats are available: PDF and PDF fillable form.

  5. JUDGING - Each application will be carefully reviewed by members of the DFGC Awards Committee. Qualifying winners will be forwarded to the Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs and/or National Garden Cubs, Inc. for further consideration. 

If you have any questions about the Awards process that are not answered on this website or the CAR-SGC and NGC websites, please contact DFGC Awards Chair Maureen Eisenhart (irishmom08@gmail.com).



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