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Why Join a Delaware Garden Club?

2018.12.05 Milles Baeschlin Heidbreder.j

You just need ONE of these reasons...

  • You have a green thumb.

  • You DON'T have a green thumb.

  • You love to dig in the dirt.

  • You love having a garden but NOT working in it.

  • You create stunning flower designs.

  • You BUY your flower designs.

  • You know people in garden club.

  • You don't know anyone in garden club but you want to meet others who share your interests.

  • You care about your community and the environment.

If your Delaware Garden Club is not currently a member of Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., find out how affiliation with Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs, Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs and National Garden Clubs, Inc. can benefit your club and members. Complete and submit the CONTACT box on the "How to Join" page to request information from the Delaware Membership Chair.

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