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Youth Gardening

Invite a child to help you with selecting, planting, or caring for your flowers or vegetables. A simple gesture like this could lead to a lifetime love of gardening or even a gardening-related career for that child.

Members of one Delaware garden club work with second graders to encourage their interest in nature. Several local garden clubs sponsor youth contests, including a poster contest for grades 1-5, a sculpture contest for grades 4-8, or an essay contest for grades 9-12. 

Click on links below the photo to learn about opportunities that are sponsored by NGC and Delaware garden clubs to promote youth gardening. They range from books for elementary school kids through college scholarships for the study of agriculture, environmental concerns, horticulture, or other gardening-related fields of study.

DFGC Scholarship Chair Elva Davidson is proud to announce that this year's Delaware scholarship winner, Mark Meloni, who also received a scholarship from NGC to pursue a degree from the University of Delaware in Environmental Studies with a minor in Coastal and Marine Geo-Science. Congratulations, Mark!

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