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DFGC Scholarship Process

​Submit the following documents (one side only)

  • Scholarship application form (link)

  • Financial aid form (link)signed by applicant and Financial Aid Officer

  • Official Academic Transcript, including the most recent grading period

  • Graduate students must include undergraduate transcript

  • One-page letter from you that briefly describe your background, future goals, financial need, and future career goals

  • List of extracurricular activities, honors, recognition and awards received within the last three years (two pages only)

  • Three letters of recommendation that discuss your scholastic ability, personal character, and work-related experience (one page)

Applicants returning to school after an absence may list work experience and activities.   

Mail all documents in one large envelope to the Scholarship Chair for the state in which applicant is a legal resident, even if the applicant attends an out-of-state school. The Scholarship Chair's name and contact information are at the top of this page.

Do not place the documents in page protectors, in any sort of permanent binder, and do not staple the pages. 

A student who re-applies for a DFGC scholarship (whether the applicant is or is not a previous winner) must complete a new and updated application form.

DEADLINE: Application must be received by the Scholarship Chair on or before February 1, 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year.

Use the Contact Form on this website

to notify the Scholarship Chair that you intend to submit a scholarship application

Scholarship Overview          Scholarship Eligibility          Scholarship Process          Scholarship Criteria          Scholarship Application

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