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How to Join a Delaware Garden Club

The rewards of belonging to a local garden club within the National Garden Clubs umbrella go far beyond the pleasures of growing flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees. Joining is simple and inexpensive, yet membership opens the door for you to explore a wide range of common interests with people in your community, around the globe and across generations.

Most Delaware garden clubs meet monthly to offer educational programs presented by local experts on the latest gardening techniques, floral design, conservation, the study of birds, butterflies and beneficial insects, and other topics of interest to their members. 

Joining a Delaware garden club is simple: Click on the link above the pictures on this page to view a list of garden clubs and find one or more near you. Use the contact box on this page or the next to request more information about joining a garden club, starting a local garden club, or affiliating your existing garden club with Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs.

Use this CONTACT form to request more information about joining or starting a Delaware garden club. Your complete address is important so that we can introduce you to clubs in your area or help your existing Delaware garden club affiliate with Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs, and National Garden Clubs, Inc..

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