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DFGC Membership Growth

Expanding membership in Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs will ​create more opportunities for current and new members alike, as the wealth of experiences, knowledge, and ideas continues to grow and influence everything we do. Additional members will help DFGC to expand our vision, achieve our high goals, and support the programs and projects of National Garden Clubs, Inc. while we enrich the lives of new garden club members through their exposure to our people, programs, and projects.

Our focus on membership growth is evident on this website, in printed materials for distribution at libraries, garden centers, and community events, and at information sessions presented by Membership Chair, Lisa Arni for prospective garden club members. Press releases by DFGC about local club activities include a boilerplate closing paragraph about the club's affiliation with NGC and DFGC and contact information for the State Membership Chair.

If you're interested in joining or starting a Delaware Garden Club, download Why Join a Delaware Garden Club to learn more, including contact information for the State Membership Chair, Lisa Arni.

Margaret Woda

Pauline Santorelli, Lois McNamara, and Oksana Hoey are founding members of Salt Air Gardeners, established in 2016.

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