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DFGC Flower Shows

Ken Arni

Answers to your



  1. What is a flower show?

  2. Why should my garden club have a flower show?

  3. What are the benefits to members and the club for having a flower show?

  4. Is there a book or class that will help members of my club prepare for a flower show?

  5. Where can I see a Delaware Flower Show?

Flower Shows are always a popular educational and social event for Delaware garden clubs. They entertain and educate visitors and club members alike, while providing an opportunity for garden club members to exhibit their plants, floral arrangements, and educational displays. Flower shows help spread the word to non-members about the joys of gardening and serve as forums for learning and discussing the latest horticultural and design trends. Many Delaware garden clubs hold Flower Shows regularly every few years.


1. What is a flower show?

A flower show is a competitive exhibition of floral and/or horticulture and it may also include educational exhibits. To get started, your club must decide on a location and date for the flower show, a chair person, a schedule stating the types of exhibits, judges, and the staging for the exhibits.

A member of the Delaware Judges Council will guide your garden 
club through these steps. Other resources are:
The NGC Handbook
for Flower Shows
, Revised 2017, and the Flower Show Stimulus

Packageon the NGC website.

2. Why should my garden club have a flower show?

  • Educate and inform the club members and the general public on
    matters such as new cultivars in horticulture, what trees, shrubs.
    and plants grow well locally, and even design trends for the home

  • Stimulate interest among club members in horticulture and floral

  • Provide a creative and expressive outlet for club members.

  • Communicate the objectives of Delaware Garden Clubs to our
    local communities.

  • Attract new members who share our interest in gardening.

3. What are the benefits to me and my club of having a flower show?

  • Develops camaraderie among club members and helps some members to develop or expand their leadership skills 

  • Provides a chance to meet and connect with potential new members.

  • Educates the club members in floral design and horticulture.

  • Promotes personal pride and confidence in members through recognition for their exhibits.

  • Informs other Delaware garden club members and the public of the club's community service projects and partnerships.

  • Encourages attendance at Flower Show Schools, which provides an additional asset to the club and organization as a whole.

4.    Is there a book or a class that will help members of my club prepare for a flower show?

The short answer to your question is, "Yes, you can purchase the Handbook for Flower Shows, Revised 2017, and you can attend classes at Flower Show School."


Your club should purchase at least one copy of the Handbook For Flower Shows, Revised 2017, and multiple copies for your flower show committee would probably be helpful. The handbook may be purchased from the NGC secure on-line shopping cart, or you can contact Christine Cox in Member Services at NGC Headquarters at (314) 776-7574 extension 218. This handbook is full of essential information for the club and the flower show chair, in particular. There are many changes from the previous flower show handbooks, so it is important for your club to have the latest information. 

Additionally, NGC offers classes that are primarily intended for training flower show judges, but these classes are open to any NGC member. Please visit the NGC website for information about NGC Flower Show Schools, including comprehensive descriptions of each class, dates and places they're offered, and an application.



5.    Where can I see a nearby Flower Show? 

Due to statewide Covid-19 restrictions, no in-person flower shows are scheduled at this time. When virtual or in-house flower shows are scheduled, they will be listed on the calendar in the MEMBERS section of the website.

An exhibit of horticulture winners for the Visual Vacation flower show June 23 and 24, 2017, at Salt Pond Clubhouse, Bethany Beach, DE,

Ken Arni

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