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  • DATE: APRIL 15, 2020

  • LOCATION: Modern Maturity Center, 1141 Forrest Drive, Dover, DE

  • SPECIAL GUEST: Gail Corle Manna, CAR-SGC Director

  • PROGRAM: April 15, 2020 

  • REGISTRAR: Email your attendance list to dfgcregistrar@gmail.com
    Mail one check for all attendees from your club to Oksana Hoey, 38840 Oyster Catch Dr., Ocean View, DE 19970. DEADLINE: April 3, 2020.

2020 CAR-SGC CONFERENCE  Host: Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs 
CAR-SGC.org/Conference-2020 for up-to-date details.

  • Hotel Reservations now available! Details on the Conference website.

  • Include support for CAR-SGC Conference in your club's budget for next year. Sponsor form is available on the Conference website linked above.


Every club and member is invited to participate in planning, hosting, and attending this very special event. Please use the CONTACT tab at the top of this page to contact Conference Chair Oksana Hoey or Vice-Chair Margaret Woda to find out how you can help. We plan to have FUN with this at every stage of planning, beginning NOW!  

DFGC Board MEETING - March 18, 2020, 9:30 a.m.
Belmont Hall, 217  Smyrna Leipsic Rd., Smyrna, DE. DFGC Officers and Committee Chairs.



April 15, 2020        June 17, 2020

Club Programs: Wanda Davis wants to help your club plan programs for the upcoming year and in the future. Please take a look at it because there just may be a program that is exactly what you're looking for or an idea you never considered. Information is linked to the Forms & Templates page of this website.

DFGC NEWSLETTER GUIDELINES: Each member garden club in DFGC is encouraged to submit an article to Judy Dayhoff for the DFGC Newsletter. The President and Newsletter Chair should open and save these guidelines for future reference, and mark the dates in your calendars. DFGC Newsletter Guidelines

DELAWARE STUDENT wins NGC Essay Contest for High School Students. You MUST read this informative essay and see this student's impressive resume!  The Detriments of Bottled Water by Isabel Hwang, 11th Grade Student from Middletown, DE.

DFGC WEBSITE GUIDELINES:  If you want to share information on this website, you may not be sure how to make that happen. Don't worry, you're not alone. Chances are that you have never done this before or you've submitted information for another website where the process is slightly different. Please visit DFGC Website Guidelines for details about how to submit your information for posting to DelawareGardenClubs.org. 


NEW PASSWORD FOR NGC WEBSITE - Make note of these passwords for the member section of NGC (conserve), CAR-SGC (FLOWERR) and DFGC websites (DFGC3).


SAVE THE DATE!  NGC Convention locations and dates through 2023 

2020: Potawatami Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 11-16, 2020

2021: Hilton Meadowland Hotel, Rutherford, New Jersey, May 17-20

2022: Florida - Specific location and dates TBD

2023: The Greenbriar Resort, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, Date TBD

2019-2021 NGC AWARDS List, Rules, Forms now available on NGC website.

http://gardenclub.org/awards/awards-applications.aspxInformation about DFGC and
CAR-SGC Awards will be announced here when it becomes available. 


OPENINGS ON THE DFGC BOARD - If you are interested in serving on the DFGC Board, please contact President Connie Raymond to learn about any vacancies that may be available. Her contact information is listed on the Officers page of this website. (updated 8/10/19)

REPORTS ATTACHED for June 20, 2018 DFGC Meeting. (6/12/18)

GARDEN CLUB EVENTS THAT ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC appear on the EVENTS page of this website -- Please use the  Contact Box on the CALENDAR page in the members' section of this website to submit details about any event that is open to the public (or email your flier to the webmaster at DelawareGardenClubs@gmail.com). Events will be posted only on the website EVENTS (and DFGC CALENDAR pages for member activities), not listed as an announcement on this page. (9/1/17)


RELEASE FORM REQUIRED BY NGC -- Before sharing anyone's name, photo, or information in print or online, it is necessary to have on file a signed NGC RELEASE for Publications and Website. This form is available as a fillable form on the NGC website and as a printable form on the FORMS | TEMPLATES page in the MEMBERS section of this website.  (9/1/17)

THE SAVED SEED - The Saved Seed is NGC's second early reader book written to educate elementary school children about the life cycle of seed plants. The choice of a pumpkin to illustrate this lesson is nothing short of brilliant! Youth Committee Chair Barbara Boyce is taking orders for a bulk purchase of this NGC book. Please email her at barbarab@systemsapproachltd.com to place your order. (9/1/17)

NGC, CAR-SGC and DFGC NEWSLETTERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE on this website - You will find these newsletters in the RESOURCES Section of this website, upon receipt by the DFGC Webmaster.



President: Connie Raymond

111 Pennwood Drive

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President: Gay Austin

4401 Magnolia Avenue

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Director: Gail Corle

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